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Apr 19


Apr 09

“Female veterans make up about 8 percent of all veterans, or about 1.8 million, compared to just 4 percent in 1990. The number of homeless female veterans has more than doubled from 1,380 to 3,328 between fiscal year 2006 and fiscal year 2010, according to a December U.S. Government Accountability Office report that found many with young children and nearly two-thirds between ages 40 and 59.” — Associated Press

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Mar 26

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Mar 21

“Apartments in the Portland area are getting more scarce, and more expensive. “[The] average apartment vacancy rate in the Portland metropolitan area declined from 4.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010 to 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, but the average asking rent increased by 2 percent, from $839 to $857.”” — Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Mar 20

“Thanks to a vortex of budget pain—including dropping redevelopment tax revenue, vanishing federal funds, and citywide cutbacks—the Portland Housing Bureau will find itself in a tough spot this year: Absent a miraculous infusion of city council support, it’s going to have do less with less, at a time when people still need its services and programs most.” — Portland Mercury

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Mar 15

“I will not dwell on the circumstances that got me to TPI (Transition Projects)…

I simply looked up one day and I had run out of road.

…I realized I was facing a truly horrible future; that my ascending years would be fraught with struggle just to exist.

…What was provided to me during my 4 months at Transition Projects, and specifically through my Case Manager, was virtually a new lease on life… I went literally from a place of darkness to the joy of a new beginning.” — http://e2.ma/message/86orb/s6xlf

“Some of Portland’s most successful programs for ending people’s homelessness are at-risk in the City of Portland’s upcoming budget. City Council needs to hear from you that we must maintain our investment in these successful programs. Support the Portland Safety Net.” — https://www.facebook.com/PDXSafetyNet

Mar 14

“1 out of 4 rent households is extremely low income. But despite the immense need, the supply of low-cost rental units is actually shrinking.” — National Low Income Housing Coalition

(Source: nlihc.org)

Letter campaign to Congress supporting housing for veterans